Xceed is a multi-disciplined training company delivering practical training solutions tailored to the needs of you and your organisation

For the past 9 years we have worked in the public, private, education and health sectors and have developed a unique portfolio of innovative solutions

Our solutions create inspiring and realistic opportunities for people to engage with the learning that enables immediate application back at work

The outcomes we achieve create lasting changes in skills and behaviours that result in improved performance

Our passion is to help individuals, teams and organisations exceed their expectation

Why choose us ?

We guarantee a positive return on investment

Whether this ROI is measured in financial or quality terms, we have the confidence in the success of our work to offer a full money back guarantee if we do not achieve the results that we commit to deliver

Xceed have trained over 23,000 delegates and from audited figures, 94% rated our trainers as “excellent” and 93% rated the course content as “excellent”

Our solutions are robust, practical and sensible and are guaranteed to deliver the results that you need – but not always in the way that you expected!

How we do it.

We blend our knowledge and experience of consultancy, training, coaching and psychometrics to make sure you not only achieve your results but also sustain them

All our consultants and trainers have proven academic recognition and ‘real-world’ experience

We make it our business to understand your business in order that we can provide a solution that will deliver measurable improvements in performance that ultimately pay for themselves

We design training specifically for you with plenty of feedback and post

training support to enable your team to put their new skills and behaviours into practice

Our training is based on an approach that is both practical and valid, proven through many years of application and research

We are committed to high-impact agendas, a carefully prioritised shortlist of ‘must-dos’ created to maximise the value of the solution to deliver realistic and measurable results

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